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Rock Art

       I have a sincere fondness for anything African, so you'll see that the largest collection listed here is from Africa!

African     European     Australian     Asian     North American     Middle Eastern     Modern


African rock art...

San Art - The story of San artistry

Sisters of the San - Three gifs: San Sisters around an animated fire, 27k for all three

Eland - A rock drawing of an eland, 14k

Tassili Women - Two women in a piece from the Tassili in Algeria, 19k

Horse - Blue, oval drawing in color, 6k

Two Men - Two men with spears in color, 19k

Herd of Eland - A herd of eland running, 25k

White Lady - The legend of the Namibian White Lady plus two corresponding jpegs

Line Art - The drawings used for buttons on this site plus more like them! Includes the Mushroom Eaters!


European rock art...

Two Deer - Italy, Two deer running, 3k

Hunting - Italy, Men hunting deer. Urr! Manly!, 3k

Worship - Italy, A person with arms raised to worship the sun, 3k

4000BC - Italy, A group of people, dated 4000BC, 3k

Hunting - Spain, Man hunting deer, 3k

Elephant - Spain, Elephant with a heart, 3k


Australian rock art...

Hands - A series of hands and sticks, 5k


Asian rock art...

Chinese Rock Art - A series of Chinese rock art images.

Monster - Kazakhistan, Monster with curled arms, 3k.

Man - Kazakhistan, Man with headdress & pet, 3k.

Bronze - Kazakhistan, Bronze carving, 27k


North American rock art...

Masked Man - British Columbia, Man with Mask, 3k.


Middle Eastern rock art...

Eye - Israel, the eye seen on this site as the search button, 3k

Hunting - Israel, a hunting scene, 3k


Take a look at some modern stylings of rock art...

Six Hands.gif - Colored gif of an Anasazi rock imprint, 25k

Lizard.jpg - Colored jpeg of an Anasazi lizard drawing, 11k

Sky.jpg - Three petroglyphs placed against a blue sky background, 12k

Lamp.gif - Kokopelli as part of a lamp!, 31k



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American Rock Art Research Museum

American Rock Art Research Museum


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